Wednesday, August 15, 2012


    On August 8th I saw the  Aerosmith concert in Tacoma Dome. I thought the concert was amazing, although I probably would have thought they were amazing even if the concert was terrible just because I love them so much and the idea of seeing them live is so cool. They mostly sang their older more hard rock songs, but they also sang one new song, Legendary Child. The concert was way louder than any other concert I have been too. My favorite of the songs they played was Dream On, they did an amazing version of that song! Steven played piano and Joe played guitar standing on the piano, by the end of it Steven was jumping around on the piano singing the last notes and confetti was falling everywhere and smoke was spraying out around the piano.  Steven Tyler has such a personality about him and it was funny just to watch him skipping and twirling around on stage, at one point in the show he took a pink feather boa from a girl in the audience and he wore it in his back pocket like a tail for the rest of the show. Steven had painted eyes on his shoulders as he did in the 70's and when he sang he liked to pick up his mic stand a lot and show the cameras that on the bottom of the stand he had painted the words lick me. Joe Perry was as cool as always and on one of his guitars you could see he had a picture of his wife on the front, I thought that was cute. Over all I thought the concert was really amazing and I would love to see Aerosmith again.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hell or Hallelujah

Kiss released their new song Hell or Hallelujah on Tuesday! I love love love this song and I am so happy that it still sounds like classic KISS! It is the number 1 rock song on Itunes and the number 1 rock single on amazon! I am so happy that so many people love this new song as much as I do and now I can't wait for their new album Monster! I feel like I am waiting for so many things, their new album Tokio Hotels new album and a lot of concerts. Waiting takes forever! But I think all the waiting will definitely be worth it once those things come! I am most excited for The Tour though, KISS is still my favorite band and I honestly would rather see them than  Aerosmith and Alice Cooper combined. Not that I don't want to see Aerosmith and Alice Cooper, I am still sooooo excited to see them but I just love KISS so much, sometimes I think I might actually explode from all the excitement about going to their concert! Only 6 more weeks. I hate when bands keep telling you they are working on something like an album or practicing for a concert but it never comes fast enough. Tokio Hotel is working on a new album and almost everyday they post something on their app saying that they are in the studio or writing lyrics but they never seem to get any closer to being finished! At least I know when Kisses new album will come out and what its called, Tokio Hotel hasn't even said that much. But I want the album to be good so obviously they cant just do the whole thing in one week, although it would be nice if bands could make albums that fast and have them still be that good :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

    I never know what to write on here anymore, but I am pretty sure no one even reads this anyway so whatever. I am just going to write about really random things today so it probably wont even make sense but that's okay :)

I have tickets to Aerosmith on August 8th in Seattle and I am really really excited!!!! I also got tickets to go see Alice Cooper with one of my best friends in November and I am even more excited to see his concert even though I love them both.

  I really like Tokio Hotel and I think I kinda stopped writing on here because I have more to say about them than I do about older rock bands like KISS and stuff, and I don't really think the guys from Tokio Hotel count as the type of rock stars this blog was about so I don't want to write about them on here a lot.  But it is my blog so I guess I could make it about whoever I want. But I don't want the small amount of people who actually read this to get bored with a lot of Tokio Hotel stuff so I will try to write about other things too. Once school ends maybe I will write more too because I wont have that much to do.
   As of today I like the band Cinema Bizarre, If you don't know them you should probably look them up, they are kinda cool. Mostly I just think the lead singer Strify is kinda hot. But I also really like their songs.

   I am going to see rock of ages tomorrow. as anyone seen that movie? did you like it? A lot of people think its going to be either really good or really bad. I am excited to see it because of all the rock songs that I love but I am kind of scared that it will be bad, I wish they had actual rock stars playing the characters, that would be amazing! Then it would have to be good. I think it would be cool to see Rock of Ages when it was on broadway or off broadway (I dont know what the difference really is) when Dee Schnider was in it! thta would be awesome because it was real rockstars singing the songs, not just actors pretending to be rockstars. Did you even know Tom Cruise could sing? I had no idea.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


         Whenever I hear the word androgynous I automatically think of David Bowie. I never really thought he looked like a girl but I always hear people saying that he was very androgynous. He definitely had a style of his own.
       I think that a lot of the time when guys wear makeup for their shows people start saying that they must be gay or metro sexual and that they look like girls just because they don't know what else to say. When people act or dress differently people are very quick to judge. David bowie was called all sorts of things because people thought he must be gay and he was just way to weird! I admit he definitely looks different than almost everyone else but he is heterosexual and has been married twice both times to women.
       Another person that a lot of people say is very androgynous is Bill Kaulitz. 
Bill definitely doesn't have a style like David Bowie, but he still wears make-up and has long hair, so people assume that he must be gay. When really he isn't at all.
    Why do people think that just because a guy wares makeup, has long hair, or just dresses differently that they must be gay or wish they were a girl?  We don't know them and we really have no idea what they are like when people aren't taking pictures but I think it is interesting how people assume things purely based on looks.
   I never thought either of them looked like a girl, and that their styles worked very nice with their personalities and their shows. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do you ever wish it was still the the 70s

   Sometimes I wish  It was still the 70s. Not that I was ever actually there but sometimes I really wish I was! You know in that 70s show, they always go to cool rock concerts and Hyde owns a record store. It looks like so much fun I wish I could be in that show and meet Alice Cooper or Ted Nugent. I know that a lot of it is just a show but I wish I could have been there with record stores and amazing bands touring around. In the 70s there were so many good bands.

  I know a lot of rock n roll bands still do shows and I love them, but I don't think 60 year old men can ever put on quite as good of a concert as they did when they were 20. I don't think they are all bad now that they are older, just not quite as good live, because even if they practice all the time there voices will be strained from all those years of singing (that's why singers like Paul Stanley are getting vocal cord surgery), and even if they work out every day they cant jump around the stage and do flips the way they could. I guess that what I am saying is, I really would have loved to see my favorite bands in their prime!

Jon Bon Jovi is 50, Paul Stanley is 60, Steven Tyler recently turned 64, Gene Simmons is about the same age as him, Mick Jagger and the rest of the Rolling Stones are in their 70's and they are all still touring, and making new albums. I love them all and want to hear more of them and hopefully see them all in concert, but sometimes I wonder when they are going to quit? They definitely aren't as young as they were, and once you get into your 70s I wouldn't be surprised if one of them broke a hip jumping around on stage the way they do. Some artists like Gene Simmons are starting to have serious problems with their heart and as I mentioned earlier Paul had to have surgery for his voice. Steven Tyler is having surgeries to fix his feet from all the years of jumping around on them. They are not all in the best shape.
Ozzy Osbourne                                        Steven Tyler                                              Keith Richards
    So as sad as it is to think about do you think they should be starting to slow down or retire or just keep going until they die? Some bands say they want to keep going even  when they are in wheelchairs. Would you still go to their shows if they were like that? Cher had quite a few farewell tours because she thought that she was getting to old and should retire but she realized she missed performing so much that she came back. In the end she said she quit because she would rather go out while she was still good  and have people remember her like that than to quit because she was to old and nobody came anymore and have people remember her as some washed up old lady that can't perform worth anything.

   I wish someone could build a time machine and take me to the 70s. Or maybe the good rock stars could all just go back to being 20 again and start over. Then they could play forever, and I could go to all of their shows before they get too old.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Favorite CDs

    Today my friend let me borrow some of her Tokio Hotel CDs and even though I already put them on my Ipod I almost want to buy them. They are the only thing I have been listening to all day. The music on Schrei and Humanoid is amazing and I love the covers sooo much! I don't like to buy Cds on Itunes because you don't get the little booklets filled with pictures, and I love to have an actual CD I can hold. I love when somebody tells you about a band that you had never heard about before. Like Tokio Hotel, I didn't know them very well at all and now I love them. So I thought I would do a post saying some of my favorite Cds and If you have never heard of them before you should definitely look them up, and maybe you will find a band you absolutely love but just never listened to before.

I will start with the CDs I got today, and then I will get into some of the older bands I like, such as KISS, Bon Jovi, and Aerosmith.

HUMANOID by Tokio Hotel- You can get this album in German or English and honestly I don't know which one I like better. I think I should prefer the English because I can actually understand it but I think the German has a really cool sound to it, This album is more electronic than their other albums. Some of the songs on it are Automatic, Noise, Alien, and Humanoid.
(Pain of love)                                                         

SCHREI! by Tokio Hotel- This album is only in German but if you want the English you can get scream it is almost the same. This album is more rock, it was Tokio Hotels first album so they were pretty young when they made it, but the quality of the music is just as good as when they were older and had more experience. Some songs on it are Durch Den Monsun, Rette Mich, and Schrei.
WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE by Alice Cooper- This album is a lot older than the first two, it came out on a record! But now its on CD and I love it. Alice is know for shock rock and even though the listeners cant see the make-up and the fake blood, he definitely has some interesting songs in there, like Black Widow, and Cold Ethyl a song about a dead girl. You have to take this album with a grain of salt. He wasn't serious about many of the topics he sang about but its probably not for everyone. Personally I think it is his best album.
(welcome to my nightmare)
THESE DAYS by Bon Jovi- I don't actually have this Cd but I really want it. This album is almost entirely made of power ballads and has a bit darker tone than their other albums but I think most of the songs are very pretty and I think the lyrics of all the songs really meant a lot to the band and you can tell by the way they sing them.  Some of the more popular songs on this album are Hey God, These Days, This Ain't a Love Song, and Lie To Me. But if you don't already have some of there other more popular songs I would recommend listening to a greatest hits CD because These Days is different than most of their other albums.
(Lie To Me)
DESTROYER by KISS- This is arguably KISS' greatest studio album. It has some of their biggest hits such as Detroit Rock City, God of Thunder, Shout It Out Loud, Beth, and one of my favorites Do You Love Me. It was the first KISS album to have really great production and they could afford to use cool effects such as an orchestra for Beth because they had just come over the huge success of KISS Alive! I also love that Ace Frehely was still the lead guitar player at the time.
(Shout It Out Loud)
LOVE GUN by KISS- This is probably my favorite album, There isn't a song on it that I don't like. The whole album is very upbeat and very classic KISS. Some of the songs on it are I Stole Your Love, Shock Me (sung by Ace Frehely), Plaster Caster, and the title track Love Gun.
(Love Gun)
PUMP by Aerosmith- I love this album, it is not one of Aerosmith's most famous but I think it is just as good. It still sounds like a classic Aerosmith album and has some great songs like Love in an Elevator, Janie's Got a Gun, and My Girl.
(The Other Side)
That's all of my Favorite albums, hopefully you liked some of them too.

Monday, April 23, 2012

16 Forever

My favorite band of the moment is Tokio Hotel! If you don't know them they are basically a punk rock band from Germany, when they started the four members were ranging from 12 to 14. Bill is the lead singer and his Identical twin brother Tom plays guitar, Georg is the bassist and Gustav plays the drums. They originally only sang in German as that was the only language they new, but now they have albums in English as well. 
Aside from there music they are also know for Bills Kaulitz' hair and overall style. I think a lot of people were drawn to the band because of how cute they where when they where young and how good looking the Kaulitz twins where when they where teens. Bill always had a very cool look about him, some people think he looks very androgynous or pretty, but he had a very punk rock style. Tom was very influenced by German Hip Hop and you can tell by the way he dressed.

 Now they are 23 and they haven't totally changed styles but Bill has definitely altered his a little.
He has probably had 10 different hair styles since he was 15, first the short spiky hair, long spiky hair, dreadlocks, corn rows, a mohawk kind of thing, but his hair has always been black, he always used to wear punk rock clothes, he had a few tattoos and an eyebrow and a tongue piercing and he wore eyeliner, now he took the make-up off, has short blond hair, lots of tattoos and facial piercings, and he is really into fashion.
    Its almost hard to recognize him now, and I wish sooo much he would change his style back, I absolutely loved him with his hair in the first picture. I thought he was sooo cool looking and cute and I really wish he still looked like that. I still love their music and the band but I don't really like how bill looks anymore. What do you think? I now that he likes how he looks now and every ones style changes a bit when they grow up, but I feel like its not even him anymore. Is it wrong to want him to change back even though he is happier now? I wish he could have stayed cute and 16 forever!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

   The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is once again doing their induction ceremony. This year they are inducting Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Donovan, Laura Nyro, Small Faces, and Guns n' Roses without Axle Rose. It's not that they didn't want to induct him, just that he didn't want to be inducted. Apparently he thinks it would just be too awkward to go to the ceremony with the rest of his old band.
   I think that a lot of the people in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be there but I think there are also a lot of people who aren't in the hall but should be. To name a few, KISS, Bon Jovi, Rush, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Def Leppard. They are all really good bands and some of them have been eligible for years but haven't even been nominated. I really think these bands should be in the hall especially when you consider that bands like ABBA made it in. I like ABBA and think they are a great band but can you really consider them rock n' roll? I don't think anyone can honestly say that ABBA made more of a contribution to rock than bands such as KISS and Def Leppard. So I was wondering what you thought about the rock n' roll hall of fame? Who should be in it? Who shouldn't?  I don't want to say that everyone in there shouldn't be. There are definitely some really great bands that made it in, but I think if they are going to have rock in their name they should be inducting the actual rock bands, not other genres.

Monday, April 9, 2012

KISS, Should new members get new make-up?

  KISS is in my opinion the best rock band ever! I wasn't around when they started but I really liked the band with all the original members, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehely and Peter Criss. KISS are still my favorite band and I like Tommy and Eric but sometimes I wish they still had the original lineup. I also really liked Eric Carr R.I.P..  What was your favorite line up? 
  One of the things I really liked about the original group was that they all seemed more or less equal members. In interviews they all got to talk, now it seems like Paul and Gene talk at least twice as much as the other two.
  I know a lot of people with different opinions on weather or not Tommy and Eric should be wearing Ace and Peters make up, what do you think? Should they have their own costumes like Eric and Vinnie did? I feel like by using the original members make-up they are trying to pretend like it's the same band it was in the 70s. I also think that since the whole point of having the make-up was to show who they where Tommy and Eric should get to have their own. Paul Stanley has the Starchild persona because he always wanted to be a star, and he wanted to be romantic. Gene Simmons is the Demon because he loves monster movies and comic books. Ace Frehely was spaced out so he became Space Ace and Peter really identified with cats so he became Catman. I don't know for sure but I doubt that Eric ever wanted to be a cat or that Tommy is often spaced out the way Ace was. I think that they are not the same band as they where before the members changed so they shouldn't pretend like they are. What do you guys think?

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Here are some drawings and projects I did for my art and info tech classes this year. Sorry the last two ended up sideways, and I didnt just leave a huge black spot on the last one but I had to cover up my last name before I put it on here.